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A new initiative led by the Caribbean Social Forum

and supported by the University of Greenwich

October 2020 – October 2023

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This project is aimed at the maturing residents in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and surrounding Boroughs who has little or absolutely no experience in how to use a smartphone, tablet or even their remote control, particularly those aged 65 years and over who do not consider digital technology as being relevant to their lives and are not attracted by technological tools


Older people with low technical skills are often restricted in their ability to conduct business eg banking or access important services online and can be isolated from their community, family and friends when here and now feeling connected has come increasingly more important since the COVID-10 pandemic.



Training delivery is flexible and can be delivered online, in a maximum class size of 4 at a designated venue, or in some cases 1-2-1 whilst ensuring that social distancing measures are in place. The modules will be done in small burst of manageable chunks of 90 minutes.



Individuals will need to complete our pre-training questionnaire. On completion a DigitalTech Mentor will be assigned, followed by a 1-2-1 discussion, and a personalised Steps2DigitalTech plan. We aim to provide a supportive learning environment that is informal and personal. All sessions will be done in non-threating environment.



This is an unique opportunity to learn new digital skills and knowledge such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook and other communication tools including how to talk rather than having to type, how to avoid common online risks and to fine old friends and make new ones. How to know when your next bus is due and how to use the calculator, spell check etc.



We encourage participates where possible to bring their own device this could be your Smartphone or Tablet. This helpful but not compulsory as your DigitalTech Mentor will access to a range of devices.



Our aim is to adopt a wider family and community centred approach to supporting, applicants. We will encourage participants to draw on their existing community infrastructure and expertise - their families, friends, carers, other participants, etc and the DigitalTech Mentor.

For further information please email [email protected].

Training will not be commencing until 2021

“It is not what you know but how you use what you know”

Supported by the Charity of Sir Richard Whittington

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