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Nail Polish

New Year's Eve, London.

The pressures of being queer start to rise as the clock ticks down. Becky and Sophie have planned the perfect party, but Joe and Sam are faced with a life-changing experience that reshapes their dynamic as a couple.


Will they be able to support each other?


Or is this the beginning of the end?

Nail Polish celebrates the beauty and importance of queer communities, whilst highlighting queer experiences and the effects of living in a society with a constant burden to “fitin”.

Exploring relationships, stigmas, love and most importantly, everything queer.

Mac Beth

This MacBeth isn’t your normal Macbeth.

Have you ever wanted to see a Bee Gees song in a Shakespearean play?


Ross as a multi-talented sprint runner? A beautiful dance number?

The energy to be sky rocketed like kids after candy?


The Bathway Theatre Company presents an adaptation of the new and improved, “MacBeth”.

This tragicomic play explores how human greed and lust for power can ultimately lead to one's downfall.

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