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A collection of student performance work from the drama BA course at the University of Greenwich.

28 April

Bathway Theatre Club Night

An evening that showcases the diversity and creativity emerging from students at the Bathway Theatre.


Contributors include Physical Theatre and Solo Performance from the BA(hons) in Drama as well as a showcase of the work from the MA in Contemporary Performance.

5 & 6 May

Di & Viv & Rose

Crackling with wisdom and wit, Di and Viv and Rose is a humorous and thoughtful exploration of friendship's impact on life and life's impact on friendship. 

12 & 13 May

Little Dolls

Little Dolls is a short play about Vicky, who is seeking therapy to overcome her fear of darkness, which is a result of a mysterious and traumatic event from her childhood. Using extreme tactics, her therapist, John, hopes to help Vicky conquer her phobias… or does he?

‘You’re very, very right to be afraid of the dark.’

With Meghan Loughran as Vicky, Paul Cole as John. Written by Nancy Harris. May 2022.

12 & 13 May

My Mum's a Twat

What do you do when your mum joins a cult and moves 3,500 miles away when you’re 12 years old? You resist, you survive and most importantly, you rebel. 90’s rap music, plenty of drugs and illegal driving, that’s how you survive Mum, Moron and the cult.


20 & 21 May

When it Rains Gasoline

University of Greenwich's Society of Dramatic Arts production of When it Rains Gasoline by Jason D. Martin. A play about teenagers hanging out, holding up, getting down, and falling through.

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